JFR FMCW Radar Level Transmitter


The JFR series is an open-air radar level transmitter product line designed for use measuring liquids and bulk solids in tanks, bins and silos. These radar level transmitters are designed to operate at either 10GHz or 26GHz and use FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) radar technology. An FMCW radar level transmitter emits a high frequency signal via an antenna towards the material surface. A part of the radar energy is reflected off the material surface back to the radar level transmitter at some time delay. The difference in frequency between the transmitted signal and received signal is directly related to the distance being measured by the radar level transmitter. This frequency difference is processed by the electronics As a result the linearity and accuracy of the measurement made by the JFR radar level transmitter is excellent, with an error rate as low as only ± 0.197″ (5mm).t.


  • Non contact measuring
  • Corrosive and toxic liquid, hydrocarbons, slurries
  • Not affected by specific gravity, pressure, temperature, viscosity, foam, and dust
  • 5 digits LCM display
  • Indicate signal wave inside the silo
  • Selection of Different Measurement unit(m, cm, mm, inch, ft, %, mA)
  • Measuring distance and actual level
  • Language selection of traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English
  • 4-20mA/ 4 lead wires
  • Modbus RS-485 to enhance isolation and easy for remote control
  • CE standards for isolation(EFT 2000V, B class or better)
  • Suitable for mid-range signal
  • 4-20mA output
  • Set functions to the continuous measuring device via FAS software
  • Isolated circuit design.
Level instrument for solids
Level instrument for liquid