Red Lion - New NT24k Switch Features Added - PTP Enabled Plus Enhanced Security

Published on 2018-04-24

Tackle Precision Timing Applications and Secure Networks with NT24k Ethernet Switches


Precision Time Protocol


Coordinating complex motion within industrial environments requires advanced timing capabilities to ensure that all elements are on-time, every time. Red Lion’s NT24k all-gigabit managed industrial Ethernet switches make sure production runs smoothly with the introduction of IEEE 1588v2 capabilities. Our implementation supports both Boundary Clock and Transparent Clock, providing users with the flexibility they need for their operations.


Security Enhancements

NT24k users can also benefit from increased network security thanks to a host of security features including:


  • 802.1x with RADIUS remote server authentication for local access
    • Browser & CLI (command-line interface)
  • Local access authentication
  • SSH (Secure Shell)
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Configurable length password (3-15 characters)
  •  Ability to disable/enable NTCD option

These capabilities are available not only to customers that purchase our new -PT models, but existing NT24k customers can easily add these security features at no additional charge by updating the firmware of their existing NT24k hardware today or add PTP functionality through the purchase of an upgrade kit.

Do not loose any second, ask us for more information.


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