Float type level control Finetek reaches the plain of Giza

Published on 2015-05-08

Giza plateau, at about 20 kilometres from Cairo (Eqypt), preserved after 4,000 years the most classic and symbolic reflection of Egypt: the pyramids.


Currently in northern Giza, 30 kilometres from Cairo, stands the combined cycle power plant, considered part of a program that aims to help Egypt satisfy its incising demand of electric energy and develop efficient and sustainable sources of energy.


Giza North Combined Cycle Power, Egypt



Tecnoil installs a float level switch from Finetek at the plant in Giza

Framed within this big project, Tecnoil has installed various 0-1 output cable float level switches from Finetek, supplied by Garma Electronica, to detect the level of the liquids inside the tanks.



Control float type level Finetek supplied by Garma, installed by Tecnoil


Most of the tank in which Tecnoil had operated with on the Giza plant had rain water on them; others collected wastes which could have water and hydrocarbons. They were open big (5 metres tall) tanks, to be able to work on high temperatures. Because of this, Tecnoil needed a level sensor which can withstand high temperatures, because one of the tanks received water from the refrigeration turbines and arrived at high temperatures. The level sensor provided by Garma was a stainless steel float, able to withstand temperature as high as 170º in the tanks. The float type level switch is easy to install, has low cost, is durable and specially designed to solve long-range and the multi-point level detection on liquids. Depending on what is going to be used on the float type level control can be done in various materials (from plastic to stainless steel).



Cable Float type level switch devices

All this float type control (level switches, cable float level switch) devices are installed over a pool or a tank with liquids, and allow to detect is the high or level of the stored material reaches or exceeds a predetermined level. When that condition is met, the devices generate an action which prevents the level to keep rising.

Type float level control multipoint Garma Electronica


Tecnoil, in addition to the installation of the plant in Giza, has also made other similar installations in Bretagna (France).



Finetek, Complete instrumentation solutions

Finetek, headquartered in Taiwan and branches all over the world, it provides complete instrumentation solutions, in areas such as production and control system, liquid level controllers’ instruments to control electrical power, among others. They have a wide arrange of products among the categories of level switches, pneumatics, level and flow control or temperature control, most of them distributed by Garma Electrónica to their clients.



Garma Electrónica and level control switches, a solution for each problem

To catch up with the needs of their customers, Garma Electrónica has various solutions in 0-1 output level switches, both from Finetek and ATMI. Depending on the needs of the client, they will be able to find big switches, small switches, switches used for drinking water (0-1 output switches for drinking water +/-25º ATMI soba EP), switches for sewage (0-1 output switch for sewage XL ATMI Water XL), for explosive zones (0-1 output switches for explosive zones +/- 25º ATMI Soba EX), for food use (Thermal dispersion level switch for food use FineTek SPS)... Each of these switches comes with custom characteristics (easy installation, ecological product, easy usage) and conforms to various uses, depending on the environments they must be used on.


In Garma Electronics you will find the solution you need, tailored to your needs.


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